Hogtown by David Craig Ellis

Hogtown by David Craig Ellis

Wry comic paintings by Brooklyn artist, Dave Ellis

Written by Kate Farrall | May 16, 2015


"Ellis incorporates a pop art aesthetic that uses the visual language of advertising – putting ordinary moments and objects in the spotlight."



David Craig Ellis 'Shits His Pants' (Almost)

Written by Paul Kornblueh | June 21, 2015


“Just this morning, waiting for the water taxi I realized I wouldn’t make it unless I acted fast. I bolted to a friends condo in the nearby Edge building and went both number one and number two in luxury. Thank God, I thought to call a friend. Major relief, although I felt bad ’cause it dawned on me I still had yet to return some of his Tupperware from a dinner party, after he had sent me home with some anchovies…Oh, ya, so lemme give you a tour of the studio.”


David Ellis by Cirian Christie ©  

David Ellis by Cirian Christie ©


In conversation with painter David Ellis

Written by Ona A | February 9, 2015


"Since those youthful days in Canada, David has grown a creative professional career that has had him wearing many hats: designer, actor, writer, musician, and artist. He’s played and recorded with numerous rock groups, has been featured in ad campaigns for Diesel Jeans, and has been photographed by Terry Richardson (to cherry-pick a few of his laudable achievements). "



David Craig Ellis

David Craig Ellis

Dave Ellis Paintings Recent Works in Park Slope

Written by Paul Kornblueh | January 26, 2015


"The work is playful, full of punch, in a flat perspective. I collect art myself and have for sometime gone by a simple rule of thumb. I only buy art, that I would be happy to look at on a daily basis. All of Dave’s work easily passes this test."

- https://changingchelsea.wordpress.com/2015/01/26/dave-ellis-paintings-recent-works-in-park-slope/


where to go: New Paintings by david ellis

Posted by The Brooklyn Paper | January 7, 2015

David Craig Ellis

David Craig Ellis

David Craig Ellis Open Notebook

Written by Paul Kornblueh | October 7, 2015


"When the Mafia proposes a prospect to be a “made man” it is said that “they opened the books for him.” While David Craig Ellis is not a Mafioso he did at one time own and operate a Pizza joint, and for that matter, was a regular at many Soprano’s cast events so I will run with this metaphor for better or worse. "